New Zealand : The END from Marie

Bonjour à tous,
Voici le dernier article concernant mon voyage en Nouvelle-Zélande.
Je l’ai écris en anglais pour que vous puissiez parfaire votre anglais ! et ça a continué de me mettre au travail ! Il a été corrigé par une amie anglaise qui vit là bas.
Ne vous inquiétez pas ça reste de l’anglais basique et il y a un petit lexique à la fin.
N’hésitez pas à me faire des retours en français où en anglais !
Enjoy !

End of my trip in New Zealand

“Yesterday’s news is tomorrow’s fish and chips wrapper”

After a while since I got home where I come from, in Brittany, France-nearly two months later, I want to write something about the last part of my trip in New Zealand and my stay in Queenstown.

I am actually really happy to be back in France for the last few months in my lovely area-close the see. I was nervous after 5 years of living in a French territory (Reunion Island) and one year in New Zealand.

In my last article I was really excited to be in Queenstown enjoying my time riding my new bike, working just a little bit in a tendry* shop of art (after one month doing housekeeping) and I can say the life was good, excited by the meeting new people, mountain bike tracks and this new life. But quickly without a car (which means freedom for me like a bike) and a lack of culture, family and friends, my lifestyle was missing something. New Zealand is pretty cold and wet. Nothing to compare with a tropical climate. Not living alone (or with good company) and not eating my (French or Creole and yummy*) food was becoming harder by the day.

Facebook or imagination of people of myself in NZ can’t show how bored I was at work in a retail shop with a pathetic management and shit shifts* (working the week-end, the 24th, 31st and the 1st of the year). I was wasting my time, even though I was speaking English with costumers (good to learn) and also meeting really interesting people around a tee shirt! I was used to listening to a lot of good music (mainly jazz, FIP radio for French people) or comfortable with silence, pop music made me sick. OMG. Fat Freddy’s drop* was the only kiwi music okay for the shop. Of course they can be!

Then I was living with depressed people (2 single person who make a couple now)so I decided to move at the worst period to find something during summer (it’s a big problem over there, mainly rooms for tourists and not long term residents). I lived with a sociopath English couple (he was a puppet*she is maniac and perverse) (OMG) and finally, my last flatmates were in a emergency situation, and were a negligent and dirty Brazilian couple with a cute baby. Really bad idea (no choice). For a psychologist, I was coring high! I can write a book about this experience. I’ve got some experience. In conclusion I think I can’t live with others (except if I share my bed) because I need to live in a nice and quiet home where you can have privacy. A small, proper space is better than larger, uncomfortable one.

When I left my job and co hosting, I realize how lucky I was to have the choice and take it to move from this place. For me Queenstown had become just the devil and the weather were terrible. I enjoyed 2 free days with sun saying goodbye to my friends.

I am still wondering if it’s necessary to leave bad things to realize how lucky we are finally. After I left, I spent such a nice time with kiwis and my French friends in NZ . It’s always easy to be with kiwis. Of course I missed some good friends in Q’town but I am waiting for them in France to ride and more ! It was a really great feeling to feel free and share same values and desires with my friends. A small trip in Australia was the “best “(crown) . A beautiful Aussie couple (that I met at work) were my host in a dreamy house in front of the sea: yummy healthy food, nice bed and room, lots of art, good music and a big heart. They left me alone in the house with a bike for 2 days. Just the dream for me after my experience. I am coming back to Australia I ‘m sure !

Because there is always good things with bad things, at my boring job I met some really nice people (mainly kiwi, Aussie and French) and crazy mainly Japaneses and Brazilians workmates, and they are my friends now.

Also my experience at work or sharing a room were more difficult because someone (a lowlife thug* with gray hair) stole my bike when I was working at the beginning of the year. It’s been hard. My partner finally disappeared. Unlucky. I thought that we can catch this “Nigel No Mates”* but no! My social life was pretty dead. I was sad, bitter* and frustrated. It’s addictive. A friend lent me her bike but it was to hard to use daily to ride. I was pretty gutted* and hungry because it’s frustrating. I have a photo with camera footage of this sack of shit. Nigel no mates. I learnt so many bad words with this : douchebag*, meanie*, scumbag*, wanker*, wankstain*, asshole*, scumprick*!

But now, with all of this adventure, I am learning wisdom* and patience and my goal is to find a job, such as a psychologist in Annecy (lifestyle like Q’town in a bigger French city close to Switzerland and Italy) and I am saving money for a sick bike*! I think I met the worst people in my life in NZ but really good too and I learnt a lot about myself, my needs, not looking after others and thinking about my family and really good friends.

I want to travel in France now. France is just an amazing* country. It’s funny to use “amazing” because they use it a lot over there, sometimes it’s too much. We have the world for us in France-country of human rights (see, lake, mountain, city, country, culture, bread, cheese, wine and buckwheat flour* , what else ?). I think it’s really important to travel if you want it. Important to listen to yourself and trust yourself. Sometime I was wondering why I have quit my good life in Reunion Island but finally I don’t regret it and it’s important to keep going! We have just one life so no time to regret and waste time with crazy (in the bad side):stupid (there is really stupid people)/opportunist (and greedy*)/bad guy (asshole) and “girlfriends” (fake*). You don’t choose your parents or your boss but you can choose your partner and life! Of course you can ! Ok it’s more easy if you have some money saved, friends and family to support you and tell you “CHIN UP”* when you fall down! I am really glad that I realized one of my dreams and now I am living my life and still trying to realize a new dream more simple, more authentic which I can share I hope J I think I am more realist and positive so it’s really good for me ! Also, I can write an article in English and I am more confident because I don’t care about judgment. I just wanted to share this with you and I hope you learn a little bit about NZ and my philosophy! All the best for you. Enjoy ! We never know what’s around the corner !







Fat Freddy’s drop=énorme groupe de musique KIWI


A lowlife thug=voyou

Nigel no mates=équivalent de “Rémi sans amis”




Meanie=sale type



Wankstain=tâche de…


Scum prick=racaille/con


A sick bike=un vélo de malade J


Buckwheat flour=fariné de blé noir



Chin up=haut les cœurs

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